A Toxin Free Community declaration works in two ways - both as a deterrent to industries that aren't welcome (eg but not limited to fracking, incineration), and as a beacon to those looking for healthy places to live. It shows we value our communities and landscapes, and care about our families' health and that of our neighbours.

Any community, anywhere in the UK, from a single street to a village, town or even region can declare itself Toxin Free and be listed here. There is no national or political organisation running this site, and the only criterion is that a Toxin Free declaration must be the majority result of a full personal referendum of the community - in other words, you have to ask everybody, state what you asked, and then state the response you got. Please also provide a contact for the person who holds the information, i.e. the actual bits of paper that prove the results. You can be given a toxinfreenetwork.org contact address if you wish.

For further information or to list your community, contact enquiries@toxinfreecommunity.org